If you are a buyer of a pre-construction condo, it just makes sense that in any project you ever buy in, you want to work with a platinum VIP realtor for that project. They will get you the best pricing, the best unit selection, and they will get you access to the building the earliest before anyone else.

Beyond that, it also means that you as a buyer,

-Hear about new projects first before they are advertised
-Hear about promotions or sales events first, before they are advertised
-Never have to wait in any line-ups to buy a condo in a new project
-Can often reserve a specific unit ahead of all other buyers simply by completing a worksheet
-Get to work with a specialist, someone who has sold hundreds of condos and who is an expert in their field. (do you really want to make a pre-construction condo investment with your dad’s friend who sells houses in Hamilton?)

The second stage of Platinum Access pertains to the Platinum Brokers. Platinum Brokers are individuals who have years of experience in the real estate industry and also have inside information about upcoming projects. They are experienced professionals who provide personalized services to their clients and also assist them in investing in the perfect pre-construction condo project. Platinum Brokers share a very intimate bond with the Developer or the sales team and usually sell more than 20 units of a particular project. They are guaranteed the lowest prices and the best selection of suites for their clients which is mainly because they facilitate constant sales.

Incentives and Promotions: During the Platinum Broker Stage the buyers get first access to units, choice of suites, guaranteed low prices, price lists and floor plans. When a buyer is buying a condo unit with the expert assistance of a platinum broker, that individual can expect the best experience. The platinum broker provides personalized services to their clients and also provide them with the crucial insight regarding upcoming launches and which property would suit the buyer the most. Apart from getting the best deals, the buyer also receives a subsequent quantity of incentives when he/she is taking the assistance of a platinum broker.


  1. Fastest growing investment with high rate of return.
  2. Affordable compared to detached or semi (freehold).
  3. Requires minimal amount of cash , and the deposit payment will be in stages, so the buyer normally has 2-3 years to come up with the total deposit which is normally 20% of the purchase price.
  4. Value appreciation is guaranteed from the time of initial signing/purchase (years before construction completes).
  5. Value appreciation is guaranteed from the closing time (once construction is complete and the condominium is registered).
  6. It can be purchased for personal use (end user) which is a highly convenient way of living.
  7. It can be purchased for investment / flipping with high returns on initial investment.
  8. The purchase agreement can be assigned before the building occupancy, if the original purchaser (assignor) wants to get out of the deal. In this case, not only the original buyer (assignor) will receive the original deposit paid so far from the new buyer (assignee), but will receive profit from price appreciation too.
  9. In GTA, condos are leased quickly with highest lease values due to high demand, limited supply, and living comfort for the tenant. Furthermore, there is no maintenance need for the landlord. with the current high lease values, the rental income would mostly be higher than the expenses.
  10. The 10 day cooling off period: every purchaser of a preconstruction condominium has 10 calendar days to review the agreement with the lawyer, and to reconsider the purchase (i.e. back off from the deal with no penalty). In this case, the original deposit cheque will be returned to the purchaser.

By dealing with a Platinum Sales Representative, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you have hired a seasoned real estate agent who knows the pre-construction niche and can offer you a wealth of advice.

With early access to information about up-and-coming projects throughout the GTA, they can help you compare prices, neighbourhoods and floorplans to determine what kind of condominium might be perfect for you and your lifestyle needs.

One big bonus here is that Platinum Agents like us don’t work for the developer, they work for you!

This means we have your best interests in mind. And the best part?

Hiring a Platinum Agent doesn’t cost you, the buyer, a penny, since the builder pays those costs.

This means we’re free to select the right suite for your needs from our comprehensive database, whether you’re a first-time buyer, a downsizer or looking strictly for an income property.

Perhaps the most important reason to work with a Platinum Agent, however, is the ability to get early access to projects, before the sales centre is even open to the public.

This means you get first access to inventory and the best possible choice of floors, views and unit layouts at the best price possible.

By the time the sales centre has their official grand opening and is open to online registrants and the public, many of the units are already sold and prices have increased significantly.

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